DIY Headlight Restoration is Easier than You Think

When people look overused vehicles at Honda of Princeton, they often ask if there's any way to get the headlights looking like new again. You could go to a detailing shop and have it done professionally, but that can cost hundreds. Headlight restoration is so easy, though, that you can usually do it yourself in just a few minutes without spending a bundle.

Most automotive stores sell kits that come with a special cloth and one or two types of solvent. You simply need to apply them to the lenses, let them soak in for a moment and then wipe them clean. The compounds remove a tiny layer of material from the front of the headlights, which makes them bright and clear again.

This works great even if they've been sitting in the harsh weather we get at all times of the year in Princeton, NJ. Some drivers have even been able to restore totally opaque headlights to their original appearance.

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