How Auto-Dimming Rearview Mirrors Work

New auto-dimming rearview mirrors are becoming standard for new cars in most markets. It's the newest car part to cause a stir for more driver safety features. In this case, the electrochromic mirror can really save your life. These new mirrors protect against the Troxler Effect, which is when you experience temporary blindness due to headlights glaring in your mirror.

In the past, you had to manually adjust your mirror, but sometimes this didn't work, especially if you were a driver with light sensitivities. If you had issues driving at night because of headlight glare, then auto-dimming can certainly help you with driving at night.

Auto-dimming mirrors work with sensors and a microprocessor that sends a signal to change the mirror to deflect glare. The sensor is able to detect all types of lights so that you don't have to experience glare from any angle. You can test drive vehicles with this feature and test out other driver safety features at Honda of Princeton located in Princeton, NJ.

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