Don't Make It Easy for Thieves to Steal Your Car

Having your vehicle stolen can be a real headache, especially dealing with law enforcement and insurance companies. At Honda of Princeton, we want to keep you informed on ways to prevent being a victim of car theft and having to deal with the aftermath.

Consider having the VIN number etched on every window. A thief will not want the expense of having them removed. Always remember to lock your vehicle, and do not leave the keys or any valuables inside. Close all windows and sunroofs. Never leave the car running, regardless of how cold it is outside. Stay out of high-crime areas if possible, and do not park in dark, secluded areas.

Pay our dealership a visit in Princeton, NJ and let us offer you some safety tips to make it difficult for a thief to get your car. While you’re there, why not take out a new car for a test drive?

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