Android Auto Overview

You don’t have to rely on your car’s manufacturer to handle your infotainment system. While many carmakers have been reluctant to feature an app that seamlessly ports your phone to your vehicle’s LCD screen, Android Auto was the first app that was able to sync up with your smartphone and display icons of your phone right on your LCD screen. This means that you can access music, messaging, calling, and safety features through Android Auto.

The main benefit of Android Auto is the safety features. You don’t have to use your hands to text, call, or access apps on your phone. You can just use Google Assistant on your phone to make a phone call or pull up a song on YouTube.

It’s easy to use Android Auto, and it will make your driving much safer. You can see the latest features of Android Auto and talk to the friendly people at Honda of Princeton located in Princeton, NJ when you stop in for a test drive.

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