Blind-Spot Monitors Explained

We value your happiness at Honda of Princeton in Princeton, NJ. For most of us, safety is essential to happiness. Let's talk today about an important aspect of modern automotive safety.

Manufacturers first added blind-spot monitoring systems to their available features in the 21st century's first decade. They introduced them as options for their luxury models. Today, blind-spot monitoring is standard or available in nearly every price range.

Now that you know it's attainable, do you want it? We think that you should. These systems heighten on-road safety through high tech sensors that perpetually watch your rear blind spots. Via small, noticeable lights on your side mirrors, the sensors tell you when a car is present in places that are hard to see. Also, these systems alert when you begin to merge into an occupied lane. Most systems use alarms, and some include vibrating steering wheels. In short, blind-spot monitors can prevent crashes.

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